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Magida El Roumi (4/3/2005)

Hello dear friends, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind and sincere wishes! Your warm wishes have enlighted my heart and soul. Wishing you all success and happiness in your lives. Sincerely, Magida

mhamed ZAREB (2/7/2014)

بحبك ماجدة

Rawia (17/1/2014)

كل عام وكل احبة ماجدة الرومي بخير

Ghada Akkawi Kakish (23/11/2013)

Dear Majida, Majida the queen of peace. I was privileged to attend a concert for you in Abu Dhabi, it was a dream come true. You are very well respected, you voice is indescribable, you are very charismatic. Words can not express how I feel. I listened to you for 2 hours in the concert and I wished I can listen to you live forever. your voice and songs reflects all the love, peace and harmony you have within in. A strong person is a person who is strong from within. May God bless you and I hope I get a chance to attend your concerts again and again .

Elia Abou Nafeh (16/9/2013)

what to call? My queen? My Pride? My Icon? you are not less than the cedar for Lebanon! I adore you and always pray to Jesus to keep you full of energy and health. wish one day to see you even for 5 minutes to take your blessings and to look closely to your shining eyes,ifu look to the sky you may find a lot of stars some are real and some aren't there anymore, but when you look to the most shining one then you will be looking to majida, the real one. with all my love and respect, Elia Abou Nafeh +966 506914328

Yousif (21/6/2013)

You are the real artist alive now in the Arab world. You are our Barbra Streisand and more. God bless you!

Yousif (21/6/2013)

You are the real artist alive now in the Arab world. You are our Barbra Streisand and more. God bless you!

RABIH ZAHLE (16/5/2013)


mhamed (4/3/2013)

First i send my great love to our diva majda,then and as a reply to adam who hates our diva i tell him that his hatred has no value since who love majda are those who love palestine and its resistance.therefore,who hates palestine hates love hates the innocence and everything beautiful in this piece of advice to that adam is not to try to write again on our star's guest book since in our doctrine israel doesn't exist and soon won't exist.i love you majda,i love you palestine

lolita (5/1/2013)

كانت رسالة Salah Adidi رسالة من زوجي المحبوب رحمة الله عليه التي كتبها سنة 2005 و لم يرسلها قط لموقعكم، أرسلتها لكم بإسمه.

Salah Adidi (5/1/2013)

اذا كان هناك شخص عزيز وقريب لقلبي و أشعر انني اعرفه و اطمئن دوما بوجوده ولو بعيدا في بلاد اخرى دون أن أقابله فهو انت، سيدتي العزيزة، اول أغنية اسمعها منك كانت "كن صديقي" و اعتقد انها كانت قطعة من بلورات الرقة و الصدق و الحنان، استطيع ان أجزم من خلال اختياراتك لكلمات اغانيك، انك شخص في غاية الهدوء و النقاء يبحث عن الجمال في كل ما يحيط به ليتقاسمه من خلال صوته و يوصل هذا الجمال لقلوبنا. تحياتي لزوجك المحترم السيد أنطوان وأبنائك نور و حلا و أرجو أن يرحم الله أباك السيد حليم و ان يسعدك بعائلتك. ملاحظة: اغنيتك "مطرحك بقلبي" كانت بداية تعارفنا أنا و زوجتي المحبوبة . أرجو من القيمين على الموقع أن يحرصوا على أن يوصلوا رسالتي حتى أرد قسما صغيرا من احاسيس الجمال و الصدق و التشجيع لقلب إنسانة كانت دوما تلهمني وتشجعني دون أن تعرفني.

Sheikh Mamoud Al'Hadiíí (16/12/2012)

I find this comment made by "Adam Wells-Burrow" very distasteful and disgusting. How dare he insult the great Majida! And his other comment is almost as disgusting! For shame young warlock!

khalil (5/9/2012)

من اخراجي

khalil (30/8/2012)

بشار يشبه القلابس

fez (27/8/2012)


mhamed (2/7/2012)

Peace on you everybody,i hope that our shiny diva is so fine;Furthermore,dear Majida i kiss your spirit from my deep heart and i wish you happiness and love.

Messi (22/6/2012)

الكاريزما هي أكبر نعمة من الله

khalil (17/6/2012)

بالتونسي ماجدة مخها نظيف

Ayman Vian (24/5/2012)

Hello Miss, I'm Ayman From Morocco, Casablanca, I would like to thank you for making the arab world more joyfull and more beautiful with your songs. Thank you. A question : Why do you sing ?

Rawia (14/5/2012)

لنكن على استعداد لاستقبال جديد ماجدة الرومي لهذا العام غزل ماجدة الرومي يونيو 2012

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