Houssam (France)
I was born in Paris in July 20th 1979, but I'm originally from Damascus (Syria). Usually I spend my time playing and watching football and tennis and skiing; I also enjoy traveling, going out with friends, watching formula 1, etc. Last but not least I (obviously) love music, and my best artist is Majida, simply because my very first song I remember listening to is 3indi Beesi and I couldn't stop singing it, and it's only later in the 90s that I knew who sings it and started hearing about Majida who quickly became my best artist. Oh and finally, I attended 2 of her concerts: at l'Olympia in 1993 and at Palais des Congres in 1996, and I was really upset when I knew that she went in 1998 without telling me!!!
Kalimat; Ismaa Albi; Matrahak Bi Albi; Ya Sakin Afkari; 'indi Beesi

Jacek (Poland)
Hi everybody; I was born in 1966 in Poland. I am interested (among others) in music; and since Arabic music interested me very much because of its difference from so-called European style; I watched the Arabic stations on the satellite very often. One day I saw Majida's concert, transmitted by Tunisia TV; I was bewitched by Majida's voice and appearance as she was quite different from other Arabic singers. I then became Majida's fan, probably the only one from Poland.
Kalimat; Beirut Sit El Dunia; Kollon Youghanni Ala Leylah; Ya Sakin Afkari; Bisma'ak Bil Leyl

Klaus (Germany)
I was born 1951. I'm from Germany, living in the north near Kiel. Since end of 1998 I am a fan of Majida. Having seen an enchanting singer on MBC-TV in October 1998, who performed Arabic songs that I liked immediately it took me nearly 2 months to find out who this charming singer was. It was Majida El Roumi in her concert at the Olympia in Paris. Via internet, I got contacts esp. to my friend Rida Mohammad who kindly sent me tapes with her songs. I listen to her music very often although due to lack of knowledge of the Arabian language I don't understand the lyrics. But listening to her songs let grow my interest in the Arabic language and culture esp. of Lebanon and the other countries where Majida is esteemed. Hope I'll manage some day to attend one of her concerts and to express my reverence to her personally.
El Eyyam; Ohibouka Wa Baad; Kalimat; Yaqoulo Inni Emra'aton; Tawq El Yasamin