North Africa

Asma (Tunisia)
I was born on September 5 1981 in Tunis. I liked Majida since I can remember; I used to sing her songs when I was a child like Matra7ak Be Albi, 3am Yes'alouni... What is very special about Majida is that when you listen to her songs, you feel a 'Majida's touch'; her voice is sensual in love songs, and strong with patriotic ones. When she songs, you feel the beauty around you: she's an angel. I attended to her concerts 3 times in Carthage 1997, 1999 and 2001 and I liked her more after each time, as I discovered her on stage: she's nice, kind, clever and funny.
I want to tell her: THANK YOU for what you are, and for what you do. THANK YOU for caring about us; life wouldn't be the same without you.

Kalimat; Tawq El Yasamin; Kon Sadiqi; Matrahak Be Albi; Inta El Madi

Naila (Algeria)
Bonjour je suis Naila et je vis à Alger. Je suis Docteur en Médecine actuellement en spécialisation en chirurgie ophtalmologique. Outre le fait d'être une "Diva" au vrai sens du terme Mme Majida El Roumi résume en elle, à mes yeux, toutes les belles valeurs de l'humanité..
Jayeh Min Beirut; Yaqoulo Inni Emra'aton; Lan A'oud; Bisma'ak Bil Leil; Salawna

Nawel (Algeria)
Je suis née le 24 mai 1972 à Alger. J'ai fais mes études de chimie à l'université d'Alger (Babez) où j'ai obtenu un diplôme de chimie puis un Magister. Ce que j'adore le plus après la chimie c'est la littérature et la musique. Mes gouts en matière de musique varient de la musique classique à la musique turque. Cependant la musique arabe détient une grande place et ma chanteuse préférée restera pour toujours Majida Erroumi. J'ai découvert Majida Erroumi avec son album "Khedni Habibi" et depuis je suis une fan de Majida. Bien entendue je n'ai pas manqué son passage à Alger et ce jour là fut l'un des plus beau jour de ma vie.
Sayidi El Ra'is; Kalimat; Maa Jarida; Matrahak Bi Albi; Tawq El Yasamin

Salam (Tunisia)
Aslama. To Me, Majida El Roumi is one of the few genuine things in the whole world.
Hasna' Carthage; Am Behlamak; Widaa; Matrahak Bi Albi; Tawq El Yasamin

Abdelbaki (Algeria)
My hobbies are reading, listening to music, from the occidental I enjoy country music style as Willy Nelson, Kenny Rodgers, and Dolly Parton. For Arabic one, of course Majida keeps always the first place “bidoun mounazi3”; I can't express all for her in this little paragraph but one word summarize all; it is marvelous what Majida delight us with.

Badr (Tunisia)
Hi Friends. I am from Tunisia but now living in Germany. I was a child when I heard Majida for the first time; she sang in Carthage in1980; since then I became a fan of her. I still can remember her singing “Kil Shi 3am Youkhlas” in that yellow dress; she was marvelous and her voice was so strong, so clear, so indescribable. Unlike other singers, I can listen to her songs without getting bored.
Kil Shi Am Yekhlas; Shou Bheb Ishar; Ohibouka Wa Baad; Kalimat; Mouftaraq Toroq

Fakhri (Tunisia)
I live in Gabès and my work is in Tunis.
Kalimat; Sho'oub Min Al 'oushaq; Beirut Sit El Dunia; Maa Jarida; Ala Inhad

Foued (Tunisia)
Hi. I was born on 5th September 1979 in the city of Monastir, but I live now in Germany where I study electrical engineering at the University of Hanover.
I liked Majida since I was a kind .I like her angel's voice and her natural beauty and the innocence in her eyes. She is my favorite singer ever.

Kalimat; Ana Am Behlam; Am Yes'alouni Alayk El Nas; Matrahak Bi Albi; Khedni Habibi

Lassaad (Tunisia)
Asslama from Tunis

Mohamed (Algeria)
Je suis né à Alger (Algérie) un premier Juillet. Je suis biologiste comportementaliste de formation universitaire. Mes principales occupations se résument en la chanson et la musique. Par ailleurs, j'aime la lecture, la navigation via le NET, le jardinage, la compagnie d'animaux domestiques, la correspondance, les voyages et akide mon idole madame Majida El Roumi.
Moftaraq Torouq; Ma Ajmala Al 'oshaq; Inta El Madi; Sho'oub Min Al 'oushaq; Nasheed Alhobb