North America

Darlene (Alaska)
That first song I ever heard Majida sing that made her voice stick in my mind was, I found out later, "Inta wa Ana”. It is still one of my favorites. I still don't know all the titles, but Kalimat is the name down at the bottom of all these mails, and so I had to hear that. It too, is one I love- beautiful. I think "La Taghdabi" is a hauntingly beautiful one. I also love "Ma7ada Be 3abi". These ones I especially love for what I've heard. Also that song with the Oud was pretty unbelievable, called "Mush Ana El Abki"... and I was mesmerized how she and the Oud stayed together in sound. As I have noticed with her instrumentation: it is so different from the others and so classy and varied with the different songs.... She seems to have a finely tuned ear for the orchestra & it does not overcome her voice. Something I noticed that happened with one of my other favorite singers from Greece, Nana Mouskouri. Her voice is a pure, powerful voice too, but her orchestra's many times overpowered her voice and the effect was discordant really.
Majida, seems to have not that because her and the orchestration always seems to be so complimentary to each other and the orchestra never overshadows or becomes too powerful so that her beautiful voice is overcome.

Roza (USA)
Marhaba; originally I am Kurdish from Northern Iraq, but I currently live in the United States. I was born on February 13th 1983 in Baghdad, Iraq. My hobbies include all sorts of arts, like drawing, ink rendering, and painting of course, ice skating is also one of my favorite sports. And should I mention MUSIC? That's my first favorite thing in life, and of course I love all Majida El Roumi's songs.
Her music has something special in it that brings peace and joy to its listeners. I've been intimidated by Majida's music and songs ever since I was only 3 years old; it's true I couldn't of course understand the meaning of the songs at the time, but of course her music attracted my ears and as I grew older I loved her songs more and more and she's my favorite singer as she will always be. My hope is to meet this great singer and tell her how much love and respect I have for her and her beautiful music and songs. I wish her all the success and happiness in her life.

Li Anak 'aynayyi; Kalimat; Ana Am Behlam; Matrahak Bi Albi; Kollon Youghani Ala Leylah